Omitted chapters of Princess Agents chapter 165

After the accidental meeting of YWY and Xinger at the Lantern Festival, they know that they have feelings for each other. But like other lovers they are at early stage of knowing each other as mature adults capable  to love. They have to adjust and date to be more acquainted with each other. While dating YWY and CQ observed and followed the culture and traditions of their time. The details of their dating story are omitted chapters on the printed version of PA which I decided to laboriously translate using two languages (English and Filipino) to validate what the translation is trying to convey. For the whole amazing recap of this chapters the readers are encouraged to go to this link.

To see if they finally get married and become one in the novel I highly recommend this link beautifully written by Ms Sue Lee

Chapter 165 part 1

After Three days of staying at Chuang Tzu the town started to decorate their houses, Red Lanterns lined the corridors, walkways and terraces of many homes. Carefully crafted lanterns with variety of patterns and exquisite designs made by maidservants began to show up hanging high on the window grills. Pots of plants with different colorful flowers are displayed and emanate sweet extravagant aroma in the air. People are seen wearing new clothes and red color seems to be the favorite of many. In those line of houses one courtyard is extraordinarily beaming. This year Aunt Du who is especially happy invited three troupes to entertain people. They perform in the inner courtyard and outside for others to see. Everyday early in the morning for three days the babbling of gongs, drums and melodious songs can be heard. Children mischievously bang some pots and pans, makes noises with fire crackers and happily plays as the town prepare to welcome the new year. The dinner table are loaded with different palatable foods everyday. Chu Qiao after she finished her meal in the afternoon she goes back to her room and sleep. She always feel very sleepy exhausted and always want to fall asleep. Zhuge Yue invited a doctor to look at her and after assessment did not say or find anything wrong with her. But everyday a giant bowl is filled with something for her to drink. The medicine is really bitter. Chu Ciao once again cherish the modern concentrated essence of the Western tablets.

She wakes up when she hears some people singing outside, although the voices are far away from her room she could sense the happiness and joyful celebration of many. At times the sound of the firecrackers was loud and rugs on the ground slightly vibrates from the shock. Lively atmosphere comes from different directions, leaving only her dark room, windows closed. Chu Qiao stood up slightly open the large windows and look outside, she vaguely seen the red lanterns in front, glowing red like a group of warm fire. Today is the New Year, at Chuang Tzu it is like a spring festival. Families sit around to eat at reunion dinner. This time people no matter how far they are will be back home, children and parents gather together to welcome the new year. In every ones home there are parents, brothers, sisters, children and relatives reunited to celebrate the New Year’s Eve. Except for her, every time the so called festivities arrived it is her time to reflect about life on the outgoing year and her life for the oncoming year. She sat up and leaned against the pillar of the bed, listening to the outside, her thoughts drifted far and far. Out of pity she thought about Zhi Xiang, Xiaoqi, 5th brother Lin Xi and small eight Xiaoba that can be her relatives but unfortunately they have been killed by Zhuge Yue and his family. Maybe Jing Sui Su can be her family but she’s also gone. Maybe Yan Xun could have been her relative but sadly they opposed their beliefs and purpose. Years have gone fast, all are like clouds in the sky, gone with the light blow of the winds, she slowly look around and senses the reality. Aunt Du gave the maid servants three days off so they can join their family, the rest are not required to do the everyday task but only the work in celebration of the new year.

With only few clean clothes left she prepared to go to the bathroom to wash her laundry. Anyway she thought there’s still some time before the point of eating, she will not go out to join the fun but wash her clothes. Her room was closed and the door of the bathroom was closed. After a while someone gently knock on her door, Chu Qiao is inside enjoying the sound of the bathroom. Chu Qiao did not hear the knocks, the door creaked and was pushed open. Zhuge Yue on a white robe, Wujin belt on, hair well groomed newly shaved and looking heroically handsome. He slowly pushed the door, eyes narrowed to slightly adapt in the faint light of the room said “Xinger… are you still asleep?” No one answered him…did she get out? His brows slightly knit together, he went to the couch, the beddings are neatly tucked, the bed is cool to touch and it seems the occupant has been gone for a while. He could not help but slowly frowned, there are lots of people outside, is it possible she is with them? He glanced at the room again but suddenly got stunned in place. The ward robe is open with only few pieces of clothes in the hangers. Seems to be hit by a fierce thunder in his head, Zhuge Yue’s brow wrinkled tighter. He stood in place staring at the open wardrobe. Yu Qi seeing that the door of Xinger is open called out and said “Master the old lady requested that you take Xinger outside before the display of fireworks began.” Zhuge Yue suddenly felt there’s something wrong… standing in situ, looking heavily depressed he turned his head and said, “the girl… she is not here”.
Alarmed, Yu Qi asked, “She’s not there?” He quickly said “maybe she’s outside having fun”

“Clothes are gone” Zhuge Yue said in low tone, his voice sounds depressed and heavy. Yu Qi hurriedly said “Master, don’t worry I’ll get some with me to go and find her, presumably she cannot go far” then he ran out of the yard. The door was slightly open, the cool night wind blows on Zhuge Yue’s clothes with subtle chill. He stood quietly, did not move, did not speak, did not want to chase like before. “Does she still want to leave? Is it like before and he doesn’t want to let her go? Was she abducted?”
Zhuge Yue thought… today is the New Year, she’s supposed to be with him.
So many years he repeatedly war, repeatedly subjected to life and death to make sure she is safe and ultimately almost lost his life. The fate of playing him again, gave him glittering hope and when he is unprepared his hopes are crushed. Hope is always the world’s most unreliable things, breathing between, it disappeared without a trace.

Zhuge Yue just feel fatigued, very tired, he cannot tell what his heart is feeling. Disappointed, depressed, sad, jealous, bitter ….. slowly anger spread over his bone marrow. How can it be? What about it? He can use his own efforts to win the world, but after all, cannot force a woman to love him. Heaven had a big joke with him, lost when he wanted to stay, when he had never expected it and at the time of his hope, she had easily destroyed her promise to him.
He stood there, did not want to move, does not want to chase. Thousand times he told himself that begging will not be in his dictionary, years of disputes robbed him of his dignity so many times.

Time passed little by little the red lanterns hanging high, sway in the soft breeze of the night. Red light from the lanterns vaguely illuminate his slender back. His figure seemed so tired, fine lines climbed up on the side of his eyes. The bright moon shines quietly, the festive saunas, lively drums, skillful singing and the cracklings of guns gradually went farther and farther away from him. He took a deep breath, his chest was more and more heavy and dirty, he firmly hold his fist then suddenly hit a heavy blow on the hard wall.
Dust flying, blood slowly formed along the lines of his knuckles, shocking one.
“Squeaked “The bathroom door slowly open and a lady carrying an ebony pot appeared, cuffs of sleeves raise high, revealing a length of white arms, she suddenly saw him and was surprised. Still shocked she said “Hey what are you doing?”
Zhuge Yue’s back suddenly get stiff, he slowly turned around his brow wrinkled tightly and incredibly looked at her. Chu Qiao put down the pot, strangely walked two steps forward, asked “What is it?” Zhuge Yue did not speak, the room is quiet, Chu Qiao looked at him puzzled immediately saw the man’s fist is bleeding, exclaimed “Your hand, you are hurt! Did you engage in”….She walked up two steps to see his injury closer, who knows a strong hand suddenly grabbed her shoulder, the body hit and it fell into a hard arms.
Zhuge Yue tightly holding her, so hard, she’s almost in pain. His breathing sounded in her ears, bluntly heavy. Chu Qiao surprised lean on his shoulder, then suddenly began to panic and push his arm. In panic she asked “What happened? Why are you hurt?”
“Nothing ” replied by Zhuge Yue but did not let go of her, still tightly holding her, his heart beat racing like in a frenzy, so fast, so powerful. She look up to him and said “I’ll wrap you up” Zhuge Yue let go of her. Chu Qiao quickly got clean water and silk cloth, kneel then skillfully clean and bandage his hand with a method no way inferior to the general doctor. “Be careful and don’t touch the water” Chu Qiao with rosy cheeks like a child looked up and asked “Is it still hurting?” Zhuge Yue shook his head, looked at her quietly and still not speaking.
Chu Qiao frowned strangely muttered “Inexplicable?”
Whoosh..firecrackers soon appeared outside the window. They saw the fireworks flashing in the sky. She was pleasantly surprised, laughed and pointing to the sky said “So beautiful ah, Come over!”
Warm breathing suddenly rang in her ears, Zhuge Yue’s arms crossed her waist from behind. “Xinger no matter where you go you have to tell me in advance”
Fireworks flying on high altitude, exceptionally colorful and beautiful. Chu Qiao smiled looked at the sky and casually said “If I go out to buy things?”
“Have to tell me?”
“If I go out for a walk?”
“Must tell me”
Chu Qiao smiled and said “If I go to that hut?”
Zhuge Yue looking down with a cold voice said “No matter where!”
Chu Qiao smiled, eyes shiny and provocative said “Hmnnn When did you tell me that You’ll go home, go to Wei’s court, go with the army in the battlefield to fight or go to the brothels and drink wine?” She smiled slightly raised his chin and asked “Did you also notified me?” Zhuge Yue looked at her face, he doesn’t think this joke is funny at all.
“Anyway I will not accept unequal treaties”
“Well” Replied by Zhuge Yue then looked at her coldly with oblique eyes,
“I will tell you later, don’t be bothered”
Chu Qiao grunted “we must go out and walk, when do we eat ah? I’m hungry!”
Zhuge Yue stretched his long arms and squeezed her tightly, flashing angry eyes said
“You are a little goblin, You are intentional, you did it on purpose.”
Low voice came, Chu Qiao sensitive to feel a trace of danger, she stared at his eyes and asked “What is the intention?”
“Xinger  you said that the world’s most incompetent feeling is what?”
Chu Qiao frowned: “What is your nonsense?”
“The most incompetent feeling is regret.” Zhuge Yue angrily stare at her then sighed, to make him look like an abandoned one. “Too late to dream….”
“Bang” is heard Chu Qiao’s hands control the hands of Zhuge Yue, turned over and jumped out and said ” I thought I was your slaughtered weak woman, and surname pigs, Don’t be afraid to move thinking you might die” She hurried to the open door and ran away without a smile.
Yu Qi gasping for breath, point outside and cried “Master we found her”

Zhuge Yue calmly look at him then cautiously get outside the door, he slapped his forehead with cold sweats. What a shame. With flushed face he cannot forget the feeling of finding some ghosts in life, he felt some foreboding for the future, but this thing…. the sooner to know the better.
“Fourth young Master” the little maid servant of Aunt Du cried “The meal is ready, the old lady is asking for you to come” There’s rumbling and cracking sounds of firecrackers. The sky seems lit by myriad of tiny meteorites.
Then a strong wind blew, perhaps a storm will come before the year end.

Somehow the weather gradually warm up, the sun shines and yang yang plants made new buds, every morning the cry of the orioles in the tree can be heard, the sound is mild, crispy and sweet.

Chapter 165 part 2


After three days the noise at Zhuangzi finally quiet down. Chu Qiao’s heart gradually getting a bit sad, whatever is the cause, she didn’t want to think about it.
Early this morning, there’s a knock on her door, then she saw Yu Qi standing outside her door carrying her daily bowl of soup.
“You’re early, I’m worried that you may also still in bed like fourth young master”
Chu Qiao look at him slightly surprise, then her eyebrows narrowed gently
“Is he sick?” ” No he just slept late last night and maybe tired” replied Yu Qi.
“How late?” Chu Qiao is afraid that he did not sleep well for about three to four days but is not showing it in the surface. Yu Qi handed her the bowl with herbal soup and said “This is the first time he handled this kind of big job and he kept it to himself ”
Chu Qiao smiled took the bowl, closed the door and quietly sit on a chair before a small table. The medicine is very hot, the vapor opened up her nose, it taste so bitter but these days she is now used to drink it and doesn’t have any trouble swallowing it. There’s also a small bowl filled with preserved candies as well as tea to drink to counteract the bitter taste of the medicine.

Presumably these days he is really tired. He has to socialize with the people of Zuangzi but also with his own, then at night there are many documents he has to deal with. He just came back from Qinghai and now the tribunal from the royal family to the ruling and opposition, from the temple to the battlefield, how many eyes are looking at him? And he wandered here to waste time but still up to date to what is happening.
A tinkling sound issued from a three colored porcelain spoon as it bump the bowl with medicine, the morning sunlight penetrates it’s rays through the tiny gap of the slightly open window. And their own affair? it is absolutely not his sole decision for them to be back to Wei. She and this big Wei state, their grievances have been deep. Over there almost every one will want to remove her and fast. And if she will be under his wings how many people can criticize and attack? Moreover Wei and Yan is at opposition with each other. Even if she left Yan because of it’s biting cold on winter, she did not want to appear hostile to them. For eleven years it’s her place. And the Wei state? She doesn’t have good impression with them either. These are the pressing reason why she doesn’t want to think about this precarious situation but she can’t control not to think about it.

What could be Zhuge Yue’s future plan? Will he have peace of mind if he leave Wei?
When the big summer (Wei) and Yanbei North lift their flags, Zhuge Yue and Yan Xun will eventually fight against each other in the battlefield. Where should she go? Even if she left Yanbei she doesn’t have the heart to oppose them. She didn’t like to see them being trampled upon by Wei or to see Yan Xun being ordered again as prisoner. And once Zhuge Yue fall into the wind strife of war does she want to lead the Xiuli army as his comrades in war? Yanbei is not just Yan Xun, there are so many people and soldiers that have been loyal to help her. To this day she has become Datong’s last leader. She didn’t know how much of the Datong members have invested with He Xiao or Xiuli’s army. She is not a woman who has nothing to do with it so everything she does must be thought upon. For this sake she can’t do anything, she should not be involved in any disputes.

Right here, this is paradise, like an umbrella in the rain. She is nobody, she doesn’t have to go out and doesn’t need to know what’s waiting for her outside. Yan Xun already asked for her to be disappointed, but Zhuge Yue will not have such a day.
Suddenly the door was opened, Zhuge Yue openly come in, against the light, looking slightly bitter, walked fast and sat straight in front of Chu Qiao, poured a cup of tea and said “Come here and finish this” Zhuge Yue blow the cup to cool the herbal tea. Chu Qiao gulp it down then anxiously ate two preserved candies.
“They said you slept late last night” Zhuge Yue nodded, “I’m not that busy”
Chu Qiao asked while her silky black hair slightly falling on the side of her creamy smooth face. Zhuge Yue turned to see her. Chu Qiao stammered and finally said
“When are you leaving?” She asked carefully, it seems she know what he will say or what the result will be, yet she’s also hoping and at the same time preparing to accept whatever outcome maybe, but in her subconscious she has this faint hope. Zhuge Yue look at her, he suddenly felt some sadness, he knows her beautiful mind. How can he not know Xinger’s concerns. At this point he remember the memory of those beautiful eyes that have been fearless, the fearless and confident girl before. In just a few years she has changed so much. Today she seems to be one that’s ready to accept anything. He doesn’t have the heart to make her sad.
“Wait a few days”
Chu Qiao loosened up obviously, concealed her joy with twinkling eyes, then worriedly asked “If you stay here, nothing will happen?”
“Whatever is important I will deal with it well, don’t worry” Zhuge Yue said calmly and with confidence. His words lightened the heavy feeling in her heart, she stood up happily walk and said “You have not eaten and I haven’t eaten either, wait here and I’ll get us some food” then she opened the door.
“Xinger” Zhuge Yue’s voice suddenly came from behind, Chu Qiao turned around saw Zhuge Yue sitting there, slender, looking at her quietly slowly said
“After waiting for awhile, just go to Qinghai with me.”
“Qinghai?” Chu Qiao’s eyes flashed with a trace of strange light. She looks at Zhuge Yue standing still near her. Zhuge Yue nodded and said “Through the Cuiwei mountain passed that large forest that is Qinghai where the local Guantians live.
Far to the west it is a very quiet place.”
Inexplicable sorrow and joy suddenly rise and envelopes her heart her eyes well up. Warm feelings slowly spread all over her body, her fingers slightly tremble.
The morning wind is blowing on her clothes, ruffles fluttering. She clearly knows the meaning of Zhuge Yue’s words, but she also knows very well what this words represent. Qinghai….away from the road, Far from Simon (Wei) Far from competitions, far from intrigues and grudges, Far from negativity and politics. He is willing to give up all his power at Wei so that she and him can go to a new place and begin a new life?
Unable to control her emotions tears overflow from her eyes, the sun shines brightly on her face, eyes with bright light, the worries and confusion suddenly move away from her. Great joy touches the bottom of her heart and climbed up like a high tide that spread all over her body. Zhuge Yue gently pull her in his arms. The girl’s tears fell on his chest and penetrates to the layers of his clothes.

“Well do not cry” Zhuge Yue said softly. Chu Qiao’s tears becoming more and more fierce and she sob. No one can understand her feelings at that moment. She was so excited the day she saw Zhuge Yue, but after a few days she is vigilant. Even if they have feelings for each other, such a stand against the situation, how long can they persevere. Wei will not accept him with her. The South west government (Liang) will not accept them either. Hatred cannot easily melt. She doesn’t  want him to betray his family or to betray his country. She also doesn’t  want to abandon the Xiuli army. She will be more at peace behind him just being docile and being his wife. Yanbei and Wei their hatred cannot be quenched. When Zhuge Yue and Yan Xun went into real war where should she go? Even though she gave up Yan Xun but how can she be against him? This heavy relationship, this heavy situation, every line, every point will be forced to their devastation. There’s no easy compromise. The only good way is to stay away from the war situation. This she can easily do. And he? He has his own family, has his own country. He spent nine years of his life to go to this status and power, how can she be so selfish to ask him to abandon or give this up. This things have tortured her for a long time. Today she heard it as his words. How can she not be touched?
“So you do not want to go ah?” Seeing her crying, Zhuge Yue teased her. “Since you are reluctant then I will not force you to go” “You dare!” Chu Qiao shot back, broke from his embrace and aggressively said “You do not want to think about it?” Zhuge Yue calmly said “I really want to think about it, the woman I intended to be with is not a small sweet little girl, she is aggressive and I don’t want her and me to quarrel as husband and wife in the future. But to use a thousand troops to chaos?” He shook his head.
Chu Qiao smiled and hugged his chest, “Zhuge Yue what are you going to do next?”
Zhuge Yue raised his eyebrows, this question contains a thousand things, the country, the military and political power, his dreams, humiliation and hatred, but at this moment he felt that this things are away from him. Farther and farther away.

Zhuge Yue smiled looked at her and said “This Liang, this Wei we left them to have our own game but this is not the case, Okay I have something else to do”
There’s something gradually overflowing in her heart, Arms are warm so warm and comfortable. She suddenly understood that this feelings is happiness. For her happiness is not about a man giving you wealth, jewelry or ease of life, but for a man ready and willing to give up all this opportunity for you? That is rare.

Zhuge Yue added “How do you know that I was dealing with a big loss?”
Chu Qiao surprised for a moment asked “What did you say?”
“When you view the world, Qinghai is like the size of your palm.”
“Is it really?” Zhuge Yue’s eyes become a bit misty, he quietly looked up and lightly said, ” I cannot tell maybe it’s better for you to see it then you will understand everything.”
He looked down at Chu Qiao and said very seriously “And I think the things in your head are more valuable than the million of troops, maybe I strike a big deal.”
Chu Qiao’s face blushed but still proudly said “Count your goods”
Zhuge Yue smile he was trying to speak when suddenly he heard a burst of rapid footsteps outside. He and Chu Qiao turned their heads at the same time to look at Yu Qi who did not even knock on the door but rushed in, stood at the door look at Zhuge Yue and cannot hide the panic in his face.
Chu Qiao and Zhuge Yue stood up at the same time, Clouds drifted over covering the sun in the sky. Problem occurs! They think so at the same time.

Proposal of Marriage to Zhuge Yue by the princess of Huai Song.

The sky gets clear and the sun pushed the clouds, Zhuge Yue’s people are outside the city of warm water going northward. Zhuge Huan and Chu Qiao with guards on their side are silent all the way accompanied them for a dozen miles. Chu Qiao is faintly aware about the trace of cold in her heart. I hope not… her thought..I hope not.

Zhuge Huan said to Zhuge Yue “You have to be careful” Zhuge Yue replied “I know do not worry” He turned and saw Chu Qiao seems to be sad and in deep thoughts.
He grabbed the reins of her horse pulled it and they both went to the side. Every one saw them they smile but kept quiet.
“What’s the matter?”
Chu Qiao looked up, her eyes cannot hide some concerns frowned and said
“You have to be careful ah”
“This is what you have said from yesterday up to now for so many times”
“I’m feeling that this is too strange, and Princess Huai Song’s attitude is also very strange. I am afraid you were framed”
“I think she will not do that, there are many people that are involved, lets see if she has the ability to do it.” Chu Qiao seems to see the young and arrogant juvenile again in Zhuge Yue’s face. “And don’t worry I know the  princess for a long time.
Chu Qiao’s eyes look at him in disdain “Hmnnn You have the courage to try to see me take the troops to take you away from the regent?”
Zhuge Yue laughed “To see the two most powerful women in the world compete for you, that’s a great pleasure in life, You’d better arrive in time to marry, I’ll leak some updates to you about the development of the matter.”

Chu Qiao look at him. “I’ll go, the youngest (Zhuge Huan) will send you to Biantang to live there for sometime since your minions are there and you can count on Li Ce. A little friendship with him while you are over there I am more at ease.” Chu Qiao nodded and said “You do not have to worry about me” Zhuge Yue frowned seems to want to say something but was hesitant, Chu Qiao in doubt looked at him for a long time only to listen to his voice in low tone he said “You have to be careful with Li Ce” Chu Qiao puzzled and asked “with Li Ce why? You have questions?” Zhuge Yue silent for a while, “In short you have to be careful as I am, I will see you as soon as possible.”
“You have to take care” Chu Qiao took a pair of jade and hand one to his hand, with a very small voice said “I’m waiting for you” Zhuge Yue’s heart slightly warm up, that four words is like warm water that suddenly dispersed the cold in the night. He held her hand tight, nodded and said “rest assured ”

Their silhouette goes farther and farther, Chu Qiao and Zhuge Huan standing in place looking at the distance as the team drift away.

“We go” Zhuge Huan suddenly said, Chu Qiao nodded then she heard Zhuge Huan said “Wow good red fire on the clouds” Chu Qiao looked up and saw the sky in the horizon red like fire. With misty eyes she asked herself how long will he have to go in order to get a temporary peace?

“All goes well and will be safe”





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The omitted chapter of Princess Agent… Chapter 164

Sweet and Hilarious Moment
After their accidental meeting at the Lantern Festival, that night, for the first time CQ was able to sleep well and woke up really late, YWY kept coming back to see if she is awake, until late in the afternoon CQ was awaken by YWY. He asked her if she need to go and attend to something else important. CQ said that she will leave tomorrow, YWY said that if she will leave tomorrow then there’s no need to wake up, she can continue sleeping and doesn’t need to be bothered. CQ afraid that Yue will leave soon said that it’s not really important and that she actually have time to go with him somewhere. YWY planned to visit his aunt Du at the Northern city of Biantang and he brought CQ with him. YWY being thoughtful told CQ to give the gift he prepared for his aunt on their first meeting. CQ said in her heart “I thought we were just dating, she also thought they were just in love stage, she did not expect a direct transition to see Zhuge Yue’s family.
Princess Agent story Chapter 164 ;
The summer has not entered yet, but there’s warm water in the northern city of Biantang, On the back was the North Mountain, then in the south is the the Pearl River. The North Mountain, blocked the cold wind, so the river is not frozen. They arrived at the gate of the city, Zhuge Yue just walked, servants follow from behind and pulling the horses, there are few glasses of wine on the side of the horses. Zhuge Yue put wine on a cup, then respectfully sprinkled it on the ground, Chu Qiao although she doesn’t understand, she also follow.

Someone whispered on the back: “Du Fengyi was born in the city of warm water, where a temple in honor for him was erected, to show respect to the elders and the temple, everyone cannot ride going to the temple, even when the emperor came, he is also on foot.

Chu Qiao heard that this Du Fengyi as she knows is a follower of Confucius. Li Ce said, he educated countless people in China about the philosophy of Confucius that emphasizes personal and government morality, correctness of social relationships justice and sincerity.

The master teacher Mr. Wolong is the sage of Du. “No wonder.”  Chu Qiao nodded, whispered that no wonder why Mr. Wolong is highly regarded, the elderly man is from the family of Du saints.  Zhuge Yue do have respect for the saints, and him being respectful would mean a reflection of his teacher’s character.

Zhuge Yue is silent, he put down the cup, turned and said: “Let’s go.”

With the guards, Zhuge Yue walked into the mighty city, CQ saw lots of people, at this time it’s almost New Year, they come and go all the pedestrians, the city is very lively. All the way in the city people are non stop, as they continue to walk they gradually get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and they came to the west in the outskirts of the city, Zhuge Yue just walking, look obviously relaxed, guards chatting with each other, leisurely.

Chu Qiao did not speak, before they leave, Zhuge Yue said he only want her to accompany him, to accompany him for a New Year, she slightly pondered, or nodded, she was worried that Zhuge Yue will returned to Wei state right away, now it seems that he has Another plan.

“My brother!”

A hearty voice suddenly spread to their ear, the crowd quickly give way to the horse. She saw a man riding a tall horse ran quickly, the wind blowing against his body, blue clothes enchanting, stature neat, riding superb, he get close, took off the hood from his head, it revealed Zhuge Huan’s white face with heroic eyebrow, about twenty years old, apparently a noble teenager. Zhuge Yue revealed a trace of gentle smile, eyes are soft, his hands brush the young man’s head he asked: “Aunt Du is she alright?”

The Young man smile heartily with bright eyes, happily said:” I heard you’ll be back for the New Year, mother was excited and can’t sleep at night at this moment she is waiting for you in Zhuangzi.” Zhuge Yue turned to Chu Qiao and said: “This is the youngest, you have not seen His eldest brother, He has good body, each meal he can eat three bowls of rice and two pounds of beef!” Chu Qiao know ZhugeYue’s home has nine young master,  Zhuge Yue and Zhuge Huai rose to prominence, of the the remaining seven, three siblings died.

Chu Qiao greeted Zhuge Huan, Zhuge Huan looked at her up and down, smiled and said, ” fourth brother for the first time you came back with the  girl? The lady looks so pretty!” Chu Qiao a bit embarrassed looked at the eyes of Zhuge Yue it seems he did not hear anything and did not introduce her, she said “not really I’m just Chu Joe. ”  Zhuge Huan surprised for a moment, with smiling eyes stare at her silly watching Chu Qiao, that expression seems to eat her.  Chu Qiao frown, Zhuge Huan immediately step back, gave her a gift, and quickly said: “If I’m not mistaken, she is the world’s famous general. Chu Qiao quickly returned, said “not really. I dare not” Zhuge Yue stopped her: “What dare not when, he can be considered your brother, a ceremony you are accepted.”

Chu Qiao is gorgeous, on the spot, oblique eyes looking at the placid young Zhuge master. Zhuge Huan looking excited, very enthusiastically said: “fast, fast back to Chuang Tzu, meet our mother, if fourth brother  came back with a wife, she may faint with happiness, let’s go and catch up with me.”Having said that, he ran away on a horse.

Chu Qiao red and blushing, when did she became Zhuge Yue’s wife? Are their families so familiar with each other?” Zhuge Yue went to his horse, then back to Chu Qiao’s side, he hand her an exquisite small gift box, he said: “When we meet aunt, traditionally when it’s the first time to see the elders, we always need to give a gift.” Chu Qiao has no idea what’s in the box. It’s her first time to see the elders. Chu Qiao is silent, she thought they were in early stage of love and just dating, she did not expect a direct transition to see Zhuge Yue’s family.

“Girl, go!”

Month seven (Yu Qi) strangely look at her, he thought she was nervous, he comforted her: “Don’t  worry, Zhuge Huan’s mother is the sister of fourth young master’s mother, she raised him, she is very kind, do not be nervous. Sure enough there are many carriages that approached them under the whistle, there maybe about fifty women in the group, a gust of wind rushed over. In the largest carriage Zhuge Yue recognized his aunt, he immediately dismount, about to greet his aunt but was surprised to see that the elder woman doesn’t seem to see him at all, her eyes straight into Chu Qiao, and Cried: “My son, ah, these years, why do I have to suffer not to see you!”

Zhuge Yue and Chu Qiao at the same time stunned on the spot, just listen to the aunt while crying and feeling Chu Qiao’s face, she said: look at this little face, thin, Yanbei side of the poor, certainly the food are not enough, a girl at home, forced to go out to show up, oh how wrong! ” Chu Qiao eventually dismount from her horse and joined Zhuge Yue’s aunt in the carriage. Zhuge Yue helplessly coughed, embarrassed he said: “aunt, do not cry,  it’s bad for your body.”

“You go away! You have no conscience, who knows that the ferocious aunt would turned around with some tears on her face, while holding Chu Qiao’s side cried “I am the child of hard life ah” Finally they arrived at the entrance of the large and elegant manor. The carriage stopped at the door. Chu Qiao smiled and get off the carriage. They went to the main hall, windows are large, sweet fragrance emanating in the room, every one just sit, it is now winter but the room is still warm as spring. Zhuge Yue like a monk is sitting quietly sipping his tea. Chu Qiao remember the gift, quickly stand up and said ” I do not know what gift to prepare for our first meeting” the old lady smiled and seemed satisfied. Aunt Du was surprised for a moment,  smile,  happily laugh then murmured “I cannot think of ah, I did not imagine that in my life I’ll have the pleasure to be honored by your wife. Now I’ll have peace of mind and will be proud when I see my sister. Aunt Du opened the exquisite box and saw a pair of white bracelets. Zhuge Yue’s taste of things in the boutique, fine and elegant, the elderly looked so happy, almost moved to cry.

YWY’s aunt is wealthy with 7 children. They have a beautiful large manor with many servants near a hot springs . When CQ arrived YWY’s aunt immediately liked CQ at first sight except that she told YWY that he should feed CQ more because for her CQ is skinny. The aunt thought that they are married. Then YWY’s cousin invited CQ and YWY to stay in their village for more days. YWY afraid that CQ may misinterpret him said “Aunt me and Xinger are not married” Who knows aunt Du would say: “married is but a ritual, ancestors had words, husband and wife of the Road, you know each other well. You two all know the world after several twists and turns, but I see clearly, this child Is a kind of righteous woman, if you can get her, that is a big fortune. As for the married, when the line will do, as long as in your heart, she is your wife, then she is your wife ” CQ blushed. Zhuge Yue is smiling, listening to the words and earnestly said: “The aunt said very much, the children listen to the teachings of the aunt.”
Then Aunt Du turned to Chu Qiao and said: “You live on the same room, I like to have grandchildren to hug me” Chu Qiao embarrassed eyes straight.

Zhuge Yue finally chuckle, said: “Well aunt, we walked a few days on the road, let her rest for a while. You can ask her about anything later”, Aunt Du said

“Oh, look, I’m all happy and confused.” aunt Du quickly stood up, excited, told the maidservants to prepare hot water before they eat and clean up the room. They did not know Chu Qiao will come, they will have to reorganize, and fortunately they are such a large family, manpower is not lacking. But although aunt Du command to straighten the mess, some servants are still practically deaf, They still prepared a big room for the two. Chu Qiao went into the room and was shock, the bedroom is obviously not for a single person, She saw the room big and wide that people can practice their martial arts easily. The big bed is a big surprise , The pillars carved with dragon and phoenix double habitat, By the look of the bedroom it is for the two married couple.

Chu Qiao can not help but go back and saw the maidservants have retreated, the door half open, Zhuge Yue hold her shoulder, quietly look at her, like waiting for a right moment to play. Chu Qiao frowned over, and said: “Zhuge Yue, You are intentional. You did this on purpose?”

Zhuge Yue noncommittal, mouth with a trace of laughter, provocatively look at her. “I did not tell them…”

“You did not tell them?” Zhuge Yue looked at her, raised his head, with brighful eyes, looked at her quietly, then chuckle, patted her face and Said: “Do not worry, I know what you are worried about”

Then he went straight into the room, lazily lie on the beautiful bed, eyes closed, one hand rubbing his temple, the other hand pointing to the right side of the bathroom, lightly said “Okay, take a bath.”

An anger suddenly whipped out Chu Qiao’s brain, she readily picked up a flower pot and throw it to Zhuge Yue, she angrily said: What did you say? ”

Zhuge Yue is indeed a gentleman of Mr. Wolong, he leapt and catches the flower pot, frowned and said: “What do you mean, I asked you to quickly groom and wash, aunt Du, they are still waiting for us to eat. ”

Chu Qiao’s face turns red, she did not say anything, she rushed into the bathroom, closed the door tightly before YWY say anything else or tease her.

Zhuge Yue standing, watched Chu Qiao hurriedly went to the bathroom, Zhuge Yue suddenly realized what she had just misunderstood, could not help but make no secret of laughter.

Reflections….Love hurts and bites ….then sweet Rewards

Chu Qiao leaning on the door of the bathroom, she vaguely can feel the sound of her chest’s vibrations, embarrassed, and cheeks are red, the bathroom has misty fog, she suddenly remember before in the dock of Pengcheng and Zhuge Yue is in the bathroom about to play that time, he was the empire’s top general  most young and rich son, and they met, but fate has it, destiny really let people meet unexpectedly.

She shook her head slightly, no longer thinking, undress, locked the bathroom, was relieved and breathe easily.
Zhuge Yue lying in bed, these days he almost did not sleep a good sleep, hurrying in day and night to deal with many official documents while snowflakes are all over the land. His time is not well-off, but he has a wayward decision to go to warm springs to take a trip. He said in his heart his aunt will not live for many years and he like to see his aunt for the New Year, the return should also make filial piety, but privately turn any thoughts, I am afraid everyone else  is well aware of. ( For me I think YWY is privately hoping to one day stumble and see CQ whom he knows are staying somewhere  in the vicinity of Biantang )

After a long time, he did not see Chu Qiao out, the room has good fragrance, bed warm and soft, Zhuge Yue lying on top, with eyes closed fell fast asleep, eyebrows with a trace and touch of fatigue, as if for a long time he did not sleep in general.

Somewhere, he seems to see countless light and shadow in the side of the lake, cold water biting, he seems to be frozen all over his body.

A green hand clutching him, desperately with his forward thrust, scarlet blood gushing out, scattered in the ice water. The helpful man struggling in the water, the sun went through the ice and sprinkled in, there’s dark faint light, he vaguely heard the sound came from above, so big, through the water and shock his ear drum , Overwhelming, and often clear:

“Long live Long live Long live!”

He knew that they thought he was dead, it is Yanbei soldiers in the Yan asked to worship.

The voice is like a tide getting higher and higher, in addition to that voice, he can not hear anything, he lost to someone else, from being small to being grown up, he never lost to anyone, he is miserable, and now he is probably going to die also. Take it here.

The sound went away, his body has lost the temperature, the blood seems to flow out, limbs without a trace of effort.

Suddenly, bang!!! a loud noise, fiercely spread to his ears. He looked up, and saw Month Nine struggling up to hit, with his head, he hit the ice above.

“Bang! Bang!

Voice thunder, look at the knock in his heart, the blood along the young guard’s cheek flow down, and soon settled in water.

The face of month Nine white, the lips are but with little color, like the ghosts that have just climbed out of the grave. He forced the water, hands and feet are stiff, but still kept repeating that action, so powerful, look, and then, hit again.



At that moment, like layers of dark clouds was opened, a bright sun pierced his heart, he suddenly wake up, that is his men, from the age of four was in their house, has been his companion, They are to serve him even unto death, he never felt that there was anything wrong with that. But on that moment, he remembered a long time before, a girl had said to him a word, looked at him coldly, word by word said: “No one is born slaves. ”

No one is born slaves.

“Bang” is heard again, a sticky blood suddenly splash, even in the water, he still can feel the hot blood. His body suddenly filled with strength, he suddenly swim up, pushing the blood on Month Nine’s head, while he hold Chu Qiao’s dagger, he look at the hard engraved.

I can not die!

He whispered to himself.

“I can not die, I have a lot of wish not finished.”

The lungs seem to be blown up, the body is already frozen, wound hideous flesh and blood, he is still in struggle for survival.

I can not die i can not die I can not die!


The ice was broken, the huge buoyancy suddenly dragged his whole person, the sun dazzling, fresh air toward the head, his big mouth breathing, the lungs are pulled out.

“Month nine!”

He shouted loudly: “We were saved!”

He looked to the left and to the right then wait and see, but no shadow of month Nine He fell into the water, deeper and deeper then they finally found month Nines body in the lake.

Young swordsman the whole body is injured, the face is livid, eyes staring wide, hair scattered and bloody. He was forced and drag by Month Nine, In Zhuge Yue’s life, he is never presumptuous, but that day, he was crying for a slave, in the vast wilderness, he cried like a wolf.

Three days later, he finally met Yu Qi who was searching for him. His Loyal guards up to more than twenty people stayed at the vicinity of Yanbei for three days to find him.

Then he was sent to Wolong Mountain, to his mentor, six months later, he finally recovered, but waiting on a fragmented future.

That morning, he faced the moon then the sun rose in the horizon, the teacher came in, looking at him hanging in front of him the Simon map, faintly asked: Where are you going? ”

For a long time, he looked up and said blankly, “Teacher, I have no way to go.”

The kind gray-haired old man smile, and then stretched out a slender hand shattered the map of the Simon continent, quietly said: “Since there is no way to go, open up a road of your own.”

He was suspicious of the big summer(Wei state), Yan North, Bian Tang, Huai Song, all under the teacher’s palm was shattered like the earthquake, the map became an empty big hole, the sea on the east, then there is a vast Western.

“The outside Children, people on the outside, do you know this map can only draw so big?”

The next day early in the morning, he received a message, Meng Feng was now convicted and has been issued to be exiled to Qinghai, “Why should I be afraid to be cut off too” From living in luxury, He is now on the receiving end, he is a nobody, like a slave, his hands with machete plays non-stop, issued a powerful and sharp arc, towards the fate of the throat, once again a tenacious struggle, the hot temperature and the hot blood covered his eyes, then he saw the true meaning of life from the thick blood. The struggle of slaves to survive.
Chu Qiao stood next to YWY for a long time, he seems to fall into a nightmare, eyebrows locked, like two sharp sword, if not carefully aware of it, it is difficult to discern his body language, he is beautiful even with slight trembling.

Chu Qiao silently sitting on the side, slowly hold his slender hands, that hand so cool, like many years ago, like in the ice lake, he held her hands, fingertips slide her Palms,
The sun gradually fell down the mountain, the moonlight shine, the room is cold and white. She has been sitting there like this, do not know for how long, her heart calm like a breeze blowing the prairie, there are lot of things like clouds in the mind, everything away from her, farther and farther, ten years of life and death, Two people they go around, after all, back to the original origin. Zhuge Yue sleep a long sleep, he has not slept for so long. Woke up, saw Chu Qiao quietly sitting on his side, not moving, not speaking, the moon shines on her body, there is gentle halo, beautiful.

His voice was tight and softly asked, “How come you do not have light?”

Chu Qiao smiled, smiling like a lotus and plain, quietly said: “It’s alright, I can see”.

He sat up, gently with his left arm, with the old wound he felt a subtle pain, but did not make it obvious.

Chu Qiao took his robe for him, Zhuge Yue grabbed her wrist, solemnly look at her and said: “You do not have to do that.”

Chu Qiao slightly surprised for a moment, maybe because she used to do it with Yan Xun he asked her to do it for so many years, she has been doing these, and did not feel that it is degrading. But perhaps he is not the same, after all, she was his slave, done that, done these, her lips want to utter a word, but Zhuge Yue interrupted:

“No matter what you do, you do not have to serve me like before.”

Chu Qiao’s bit her lips and said: “I like to do it.” Zhuge Yue saw the gentle smile, his hand slowly go upward, spread over Chu Qiao’s arm, hold her shoulder, and then down, to her soft waist.
“If you like, you might as well do something else.”

Chu Qiao with late reaction, a hot kiss suddenly covered her lips, with a trace of gentleness, it mercilessly removed on her lips, he crossed his arms on her waist more and more tight. The lips gradually heat up again, lightly open her lips and teeth, there is a trace of irresistible force sliding into her mouth, like Qinglie Oasis, but hot as charcoal .

Chu Qiao’s body inch by inch soft down, her hands clutching his shoulder, nervous tug of war, she began a clumsy response, the more stimulated, Zhuge Yue’s heart on fire.
He looked at her half-eyed, eyes hidden deep invisible light, he kiss her in her nose, her cheeks, and gradually spread to the neck, leaving a piece of crushing cold, Chu Qiao’s body tremble, she just finished her bath, the sweet fragrance drilled into his nose, Zhuge Yue suddenly strongly pull her to the  bed, Chu Qiao exclaimed “ah” the word was engulfed in Between lips and teeth.


A husky voice spit out from the man ‘s lips, he gently touched her chin and whispered: “Do you know how many years I waited for this day?”.

Chu Qiao’s eyes became teary like two lakes containing water, her cheeks crisp and red, looking at him, also asked: “Zhuge Yue, why? Why do you like me?”

I kill your loved ones, I deceived you, I left you, betrayed you, became enemies with you, and was against you, hurt you, and even almost killed you, why? Why would you save me again and again to protect me? There’s So many women in the world, why would you like me like this?”. Zhuge Yue squinting, with a faint smile, it seems that she asked a very silly question, softly said: “I do not know, maybe I’m just bad.”

Chu Qiao on the obvious perfunctory answer is extremely dissatisfied, frowning and about to ask, but was engulfed, she felt his body on her body gradually heat up, hand on her waist gradually move up, spread a little like a burning fire, and gradually burned her only reason. Heavy breathing sounds in the side of her ear, the wet lips contain her small ear lobe, dumb with electric shocked, suddenly stirred up, she felt the dexterous fingers on the side of her skirt, revealing creamy thighs. Her shoulder was bare in the air, slender fingers swept through, aroused a trembling soft spot, little finger a pick, she’s stiffening, clothes suddenly fell, Chu Qiao surprised, instinctively pulled, but only In exchange for a short chuckle on the head.

“Xinger you seems a bit different.”

Chu Qiao looked up, stare at the man sitting next to her side, that expression seems to ask: you are not the same?

“Here … …” Zhuge Yue’s fingers touched her lips, and then slowly slipped down, deliberately touched her chest, laughed like a beating, like a fox:

“There is this …”

A burst of crisp suddenly rushed over her body, the two points on chest suddenly become hot, but he still chuckled held her waist, all the way down.

“There is this …”

“Zhuge Yue” Chu Qiao said with embarrassment.

Zhuge Yue smile, said: “I first saw you when you were eight years old, last time Well, it is nearly four years ago.” Chu Qiao angrily stared at him, in disdain hum: “You are very good hah. Did you forget your own year? Thin like ribs, like a big wind will be able to break it?

Chu Qiao at his belly gestures and said “Zhuge Yue of course, you know that I was talking about our childhood in the green hills court yard, could not help laughing, turned into the sky, said: “Then I’ll give you a look, I still do not have this pit and Well, it is necessary to go with a wide solution.”

“Ah! You’re getting angry ah!”

Chu Qiao laughed and ran, the two clamor, suddenly heard someone outside, embarrassingly cough, then shouted: “Mahone, if you do not come out, the whole family will have to starve to death,” the door pull Open, Zhuge Yue stared at Zhuge Huan, frowning said, “If I do that, there will be retribution.” Zhuge Huan laughed: ”

Chu Qiao feel she is safe now, she was in front of Zhuge Huan blushing, like a boiled crab Zhuge Yue was dragged up to the dining room.

In the dining room, aunt Du was sitting smiling and waiting, seeing her, gesturing for her to come in, quickly waved her to sit around.
Four people to eat, surrounded by a few people around at the outside, waiting, so tired of the accumulation of wealth it is really extraordinary.

Aunt Du from time to time command the small maidservants to clip food for Chu Qiao , not a moment of effort, Chu Qiao easily eat more than twice the amount of her appetite.

In order to break the silence, she had to find some topics to divert attention, asked: “There was a man who was born in the city with warm water and was named Fengyi Du, do you have any relationship with Saint Du? Zhuge Huan astonished said : “Chu Qiao you did not know? My family is the descendants of Saint Du, my mother and the fourth young master’s mother of the Niangqian, is the sixth generation granddaughter of Saint Du.

“Ah?” Chu Qiao’s heart on the Road thinking, in that case, no wonder Zhuge Yue’s mother is the master of the Zhuge valve, the original has such a hard physical background.

“No wonder.” Chu Qiao turned to Zhuge Yue look and said: “No wonder Mr. Wolong received you as his disciples and student, you are related and there’s nepotism huh?”

Everyone surprised for a moment, then laughed.

A meal to eat, the guests are happy, after dinner aunt Du  pulled her ramble for a long time, Zhuge Huan trapped straight yawn, repeatedly said that he completely fell out of favor, the mother now do not look at him he is back sided all night, After dinner Zhuge Yue brought her all the way to the door, Chu Qiao a bit nervous, she do not know what to say, to let him go? That, is it really true to be lost before marriage? Although, this is not the top of the matter, but there is still a little bit of it, her past life for more than 20 years of her life and for ten years she kept her chastity. Is it really necessary to ruin it this month round high night?

What to do? how to do? She is In trance of thought for a long time, a while ago they almost become intimate, he exposed the half of her shoulder and then, flirtatiously half squint, biting his lips they looked at each other.

What was she was thinking about


Low voice suddenly sounded, Chu Qiao thoughts was interrupted, nervous and surprised for a moment, secretly thinking what to do, what can I do To beat him? What moves?

“Why is your face so red?”

Zhuge Yue leaned over, breathing shallow so close to her face, like a small group of fire.


“Go in.”

“Into, into which”

“Enter the room.”

“how about you?”

“I’ll sleep next door to your room.” Zhuge Yue evil charm smile: “But if you would asked, I can easily come with you.”

Chu Qiao took a deep breath, turned into the door,  lightly hum said: “No, sleep on your own!”

Then, the door was heavily shut.

Zhuge Yue stood at the door touched his nose, Zhuge Huan’s face across with a trace of smile, turned back to his room.

So Star child has no experience, presumably, he did not teach her yet.

He can not suppress this thought, after all, he shook his head, yes, he has to admit that he was terribly jealous, but now it is already very good. He look

Outside of the window and said the night is really very good.

Tid bits : This scene happened before they visited the temple and YWY’s aunt.
After CQ and Yue’s first reunion as she spend her days with Yue’s group, she learned that after she returned to Biantang to recuperate at Li Ce’s palace, The state of Wei through the leadership of general Wei Guang had asked and demanded Biantang to hand over CQ to them, sending them letters about 7 times with a threat to be at war with Biantang if they didn’t comply with their demands, Yanbei is also a threat to Biantang since Yan Xun is like a thorn in their side. On this troubled time Biantang is becoming dissatisfied with Li Ce. Several people wanted to rush in the palace to get CQ and hand her over, but Li Ce toughly protected CQ.
While this is happening the leaders of the new power that emerged from the southwest of Ximeng continent who helped to halt Yan Xun’s progress in his conquests to defeat Daxia, sent a message to Daxia and revealed that their formidable leader is the one that died in Yanbei two years ago from the family of Zhuge who’s also called the fourth young master Zhuge Yue. With this heavy matter at hand Zhuge Yue was back to the political scene at Daxia with strong Military forces and overwhelmed Wei Guang. Yue became the top military leader of Daxia.
At this time Biantang became more at ease when after accepting 7 letters of threat from Daxia another letter arrived from  the new top leader of Daxia who wants to form an alliance with Li Ce, CQ then were able to rest peacefully in Xiao Ce or Li Ce’s palace. This thing was heard by CQ from some maids at Li Ce’s palace. CQ has been reluctant to think about this short talks but now realizes that under the surface of calmness, bloody and tumultuous events are churning deep under the water at that time. The surface looks calm but under it, fierce waves are boiling in great measure unknown to her and others.
While she is walking with Yue at Xianyang they saw the big old tree and CQ said ” I heard that as the years pass by the old tree is becoming more efficient in giving gifts. As long as the gifts is cherished it can bless friends and relatives, I don’t know how true that was”, she turned to Yue and said “do you believe it?” Zhuge Yue slowly narrowed his eyes and said ” I don’t believe it” CQ looked at him and she cannot tell if he is happy or sad, she slowly pulled out her slender arm from her pocket then asked ” Do you really don’t believe it?”
Zhuge Yue bowed, looked at her hands and saw two shiny white jade, he was shuttled to some years that passed and was stunned. CQ said ” Zhuge Yue I thought I’ll never have a chance” she smiled gently, tears forming with lips slightly trembling said “I thought I’ll never have a chance in this life to repay your kindness”
Zhuge Yue look straight at her with unfathomable gaze, he did not speak, his look penetrated in the windows of her soul. He sighed heavily stretched out his arms around her shoulder quietly said “Who wants you back?”
Chu Qiao’s tears fell, she obeyed in his arms , A lot of inexplicable thoughts linger in her heart. She was affixed to his chest, his body was so warm, she quietly close her eyes, the night breeze blowing in them, she can touch the taste of joy, then Chu Qiao looked up, smiled and said
“Zhuge Yue life is good.” Zhuge Yue hears the heart in pain, but in this world there are no other People that can understand the meaning of the four words more than them, he gently looked at her face, murmured and repeat: “Yes ah, life really is good.”
A glass of lights in the distance of the city, this new year…..this New Year everything is new.

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Stephansdom, Vienna Austria

My first travel to Vienna is not intentional. I’d rather go to the Philippines because lately the only time I can see my mother is when I visit the Philippines. Yet somehow things turned up differently than how we like it to be. Our eldest brother who live at Vienna cannot go home to the Philippines. He was into a health regimen necessitating his presence in the hospital 3x a week. Stopping or altering the medical regimen will mean toying with death. We came to the point were my sister from Tokyo and my brother who live at Oregon and me from Florida went to Vienna to see and bond with our eldest brother.  It was not really my intention to tour while visiting Vienna. Seeing our eldest brother and my other siblings was the main reason I went. The rest  was a bonus or I’d rather say blessings. Thanks that my elder sister who toured many places in the world was eager to explore even though that’s her third time to be in that city. So off we go. In this blog I’ll only discuss and show some pictures of the Stephansdom cathedral.

It really look like my visit to Vienna was incidental but in God’s timetable, it is time for me to see the historic place that I first saw only at the movie, the one titled “The Sound of Music (film).” Advance reading of the city’s history could have been helpful for me, instead I had an impromptu learning. The city is not very big but home to many historic palaces, castles and of notable people of history like MozartElisabeth of Austria , Maximilian II etc. On the night of my arrival me and my siblings together with our sister-in-law went to see the Stepansdom cathedral also known as Stephansplatz. The Stephansplatz is a square at the geographical centre of Vienna. It is named after its most prominent building, the Stephansdom, Vienna’s cathedral and one of the tallest churches in the world 1. The cathedral was being renovated then.

After resting overnight the following day we went to the cathedral again and took some pictures of the interior, some of the pictures below are taken by my brother and sister but since I’m the only one that brought a laptop they uploaded the pictures from their cameras to my laptop and I’ll show some of them here.

I’m not really sure if the Austrian still conduct mass there because now it is more of a tourist attraction. The interior are fenced and there’s only a small area of the place where the onlookers can just see and admire the magnificent structure. Anyone can buy a candle outside, lit the candles and place them in a designated place for candles.

Below the cathedral are tombs of prominent heroes and saints of Austria. One have to pay extra Euro if he/she like to see the tombs. Inside the cathedral, we find the tombs of Prince Eugene of Savoy, commander of the Imperial forces during the War of the Spanish Succession in the Chapel of The Cross (northwest corner of the cathedral) and of Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor under whose reign the Diocese of Vienna was canonically erected on 18 January 1469, in the Apostles’ Choir (southeast corner of the cathedral)2

It is not my obsession to know details of these people’s history but I learned that Eugene of Savoy is a general and the one who erected the palace at Belvedere. On that day I was just thankful to God that I was given the prospect to see part of Vienna with my siblings. The girl from a small town in the province of Laguna Philippines.




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The Clearing

Recently, my family went to the Mountain View College alumni annual camp meeting near Leesburg Florida. I work on the weekends so I wasn’t able to join them. I found myself alone that night in our four bedroom house so I made sure that all the doors leading outside were locked. I did not want to turn on the alarm system of our house because if I did, the alarm would go off if I simply just walked into our living room or into the kitchen. Nowadays I’m no longer scared of being alone but a moment like that reminds me of the time I felt alone and afraid.

 In the book of God’s providence, the volume of life, we were each given a page. That page contains every particular moment of our history. If I’d like to be delighted over a particular thing. I would usually go to the shelves of my memories and fondly look back on the time I grew up in the Philippines, on the days of my trekking adventures. Actually my first trekking activity was not intentional. It happened when I was 8 years old, the year I was in second grade, in a humble school and in a small town.

river similar to the river near my school

The geographic location of my school offered a variety of activities after class, to a curious child who wanted to have fun before going home. Most of the students walked on foot between home and school. On the East and West side of my elementary school a little distance off, was a lazy river that seemed to be inviting young children who wanted respite. On the North side were meadows with chains of coconut trees conducive for camping and other outdoor activities. We usually play “Chinese Garter” in that meadow. The South side led to houses and roads leading to town.

One hot sunny day, our class was dismissed early, around 3:30 in the afternoon. When I was about to leave for home, my attention was caught by two coconut flower sheaths  (“uyo” by local name) laying on the meadow. I picked them up and looked around to see if I could find some more. I walked north heading to the woods trying to spot more coconut flower sheaths. My mother said she liked to use “uyo” as wood. It burned well and was good for starting fires and cooking.

Photo of coconut flower sheaths

Wanting to please my mother by bringing her bunches of coconut flower sheaths, I trekked further north. Sometimes when I spotted brown colored woods that looked like uyo, I would run towards it. Dreadfully I found myself already enveloped by the dark shade of the forest. I suddenly I realized I was alone. All I could hear was the cicadas’ hum, the occasional call of geckos, the swaying of the leaves blown by the winds, and the chirping of sparrows alternating with eerie silence. Still, I wanted to find more Coconut flower sheaths. Many times I spotted mounds (punso by local name) which reminded me about goblins, elves, and dwarves that according to our local folklore and superstition, can cast bad spells and curses if you happened to pee or step in their mounds. I sometimes asked “Is there someone behind me” when I heard noises that I couldn’t discern. Although alone, I exercised my reasoning power and recalled what I learned from Saturday School, that there are angels given to each child. To cheer myself I decided to hum the song “Our father who art in heaven” in the tune of Nora Aunor. I guess my desire to please my mother paramount to my fear, so I dispersed the scary thoughts that liked to shake my composure. Walking further as if led by somebody, I came across a clearing. Alas the dark shadows from the tall trees was not pervasive in the clearing. The ground was covered by (damong kalabaw) carabao grass. The place was free from darkness, I felt safe and I could move around without the fear of snakes, or stepping into a mound. Much to my delight, I found lots of coconut flower sheaths on the ground. I welcomed the breeze that kissed my face. I felt some presence of higher being in that place. If ever, I think that was the first gleams of a different light and about spirituality in my life. That there’s a mighty being who will walk with you even in the dark. I decided to call the place “Our father in heaven”

photo taken under two guava trees near a lake while I was waiting for my daughter having her piano lesson.

 Satisfied with all the coconut flower sheaths I found, I decided it was time for me to go back home. Heading back, I had to pass under the dark woods again. However, this time it was different since I no longer had any fear. I traced my steps back towards my school almost running while carrying a school bag on my right, and bunches of coconut flower sheaths on my left. With my small feet and faster steps I reached home panting, just in time for dinner and proudly presented the treasures I got from the woods to my mom. She gave me a sweet smile and a hug. Which for me seemed to be an approval.

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