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Life was like one being besieged with thorns, the moves can be held when mind is still, without moves there is no harm. When mind moves, body moves, and there will be hurts on body and pain on bones, like unbearable torture. YWY

Omitted chapters of Princess Agents chapter 165

After the accidental meeting of YWY and Xinger at the Lantern Festival, they know that they have feelings for each other. But like other lovers they are at early stage of knowing each other as mature adults capable  to love. … Continue reading

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The omitted chapter of Princess Agent… Chapter 164

Sweet and Hilarious Moment After their accidental meeting at the Lantern Festival, that night, for the first time CQ was able to sleep well and woke up really late, YWY kept coming back to see if she is awake, until … Continue reading

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Stephansdom, Vienna Austria

My first travel to Vienna is not intentional. I’d rather go to the Philippines because lately the only time I can see my mother is when I visit the Philippines. Yet somehow things turned up differently than how we like … Continue reading

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The Clearing

Recently, my family went to the Mountain View College alumni annual camp meeting near Leesburg Florida. I work on the weekends so I wasn’t able to join them. I found myself alone that night in our four bedroom house so … Continue reading

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Poinsettia My Guava Tree

One guava fruit in my hand can flood my brain with many happy childhood memories. Growing up in the province of Laguna, I have created and weaved many delightful adventures. One that will stay as one of my fondest memories … Continue reading

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